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Dream place to start
Graduated, leaving the familiar campus, toward society, into the wang Dragon Company, embarked on a new job, joy, excitement, apprehension ... ..., flavors and taste。
With a passion and vision to work, I started in the wan Long’s work. Amiable leadership, enthusiastic colleagues, unity and warmth of collective ... ... all this off my mind disturbed, let me feel like family, love and joy of unity and struggle。
Training and study, leading to personally introduce our company’s situation, and we share life experiences and feelings help us to properly take into the company’s first。
Expansion of training, although only a short two days time, but give us is a permanent spiritual wealth. Members from the strange to the last of mutual trust, co-operation not only expanded our potential, but also so that I deeply appreciate the importance of teamwork. Only trusted companion, I believe that collectively, will produce a sense of belonging and sense of responsibility, will discard all distracting thoughts, threw himself into work, so that the team more cohesive。
Just a few months gone by very quickly, at work I am exposed to many new areas, experiencing a life transition, bid farewell to his student days, although often stumbling, but I believe it will take a good way。
Unremitting efforts
Enter wan Dragon, excitedly, I once felt the company of talents, its like a tiny grain of sand, some can not help but be discouraged. However, as time goes on, with unremitting efforts, I am struggling to find its own direction. While the work of many shortcomings and deficiencies still exist, but I am confident。
I believe that as long as positive mental outlook, rigorous and realistic attitude into work, that’s their responsibility to create the highest efficiency at work, constantly enrich and improve themselves and face the fierce social competition, no matter when or where Department, can play to our strengths. Only by maintaining a certain pressure, take the initiative to learn business skills and knowledge to enrich their knowledge reserves in their posts in order to make outstanding achievements。
Road at the foot
How much heart, the stage is as big. I have only just started the stage, where carrying my dream, carrying my hopes, I believe that they can quickly find such an excellent team of their own position, to contribute their greatest strength。
Adhere to the belief in a firm and calm, positive frame of mind I will confront the difficulties and challenges, hard work, happy life with a passion for success dreams, along with the company with new glory。 In the growth stage of the Wan long
Time flies, an instant, I came to wan Long has more than a year. It carries more than a year I have numerous sweat and laughter, but also witnessed a Sentimental me from the Maotouxiaohuo to mature and capable people Wanlong the process of metamorphosis, so I had a lot of work insights。
Sentiment a: the mature state of mind
Out of the campus, proud of his success, I bent forward to how to achieve something big in big business. But when work, I found a very long period of time, and I are some "trivial" little things to deal with, then played a heart waves, but also there can not be reconciled: Is this what I have been dreaming of "big business"?
Trance in some time, until one day, the leadership of holding me to do market analysis table, inadvertently stated that: "Overall good, but if combined analysis of structural changes then would be better?" I’m a Man face flushed, but sobering. Yes ah, is also a small matter, as long as a mind moving a little work you can do a better job, but I do not use their brains, but willing to be a mechanical "journeyman"。
Thus, I think, as a new, lofty passion of course is yes, but if so ignore the little things in their daily work, resulting in irritable mental, is absolutely not desirable. Little do they know: a short step, without even a thousand miles; not small streams converge into a mighty torrent free。
Insights 2: Does your family support is an engine of growth
When in times of difficulties, I will think of their parents, a loving smile and words of encouragement that spur me growing。
去End of the year, his father was going in the hospital for spinal surgery patients. Mother was afraid I would be distracted, deliberately convey to me the previous day to call my father’s words: "Children, the doctor said that risks were not high, minds on their work." But listen to a doctor later said that if the surgery was a slight misstep, which his father was may be hemiplegia. When, after seeing his father again, smiling, as always, the moment, I finally losing control, tears。
Yesterday, has become a memory, the next road on our feet. I believe the future, wan Long this big stage, we will become even better。
Walk 2007
If it is not the company’s letter of congratulation, to congratulate us into the first anniversary of the Secretary, I have not realized that I have 10000 Long’s gone through a complete in 2007。
Come 2007, I can proudly say that I have is a social person. 10000 Long came to the beginning of the company, I have not childlike off. With my colleagues see clients often ask, "what year you" and other similar problems and would like to write all of my childlike face. One customer said: "A person’s age is not in his face, but not in his mouth, all in his eyes." I understand that this refers to a person’s experience. Year, not long, but gradually I am no longer asked about the age, Xu is my eyes have a poised, or a trace of Meiyu Jian more leisurely. I think that is a 10000-long growth of the company has given me a platform for。
Come 2007, I learned to work. Originally thought that only stick to their own work to complete the task. Really melt into the work, found that far more than these, is the significance of the work is more aggressive, proactive, and innovative. Work, we need to pursue achievements in earnest need of ideas against all odds, to overcome setbacks, perseverance, and sometimes need to wait for the calm peace of mind. To be a strong mind, which is 10000 Long mentality of people to deal with work。
Come 2007, I am confident of the future direction. First came here, we have carries dreams and passions. A year’s time, we explore the life, direction, excitement has been confused before, Cheers had also been lost. Wandering, the gradually Tiaofenlvxi, hearts are also outlined a blueprint for the future. Over the past year, asking himself whether he is still passionate lovers, and still carries a dream? I have to say, a year in the past, we have fewer illusions about, but saw the direction; less frivolous, but full of fighting spirit. 10000 dragon is a place where our dreams begin, where we sail sail。 Lost time is never. Inventory of 2007, bit by bit into, albeit with no fruitful results, but also the way harvest; look back at 2007, leaving behind footprints one by one, immature, shallow, but also a firm attachment. Outlook 2008, although the future accompanied by flowers and thorns, but I think it would harvest splendid。
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