WL-HV series high-voltage frequency inverter
Product Characteristics
◎Adopt Sine wave PWM technology,AC-DC-AC direct high voltage way that connected by transformer insulation and power units in series.
◎Input end adopts phase·shifting transformer Multiplex technology,small input current harmonic. Output end uses N(n=3-9)pieces of power units cascade superposition technology,output wave is near to Sine wave
◎For grid-side,system is 6n impulse 【that is 18(T30),30 or 36 impulse(T60),54 impulse (T100)】un-control rectifier input. And for load- side,system is (2n+1) electric-level 【that is 7 electric-level(T30),11 or 13 electric-level (T60),19 electric-level(T100)】 phase voltage output.The input and output waves are near to perfect.
◎No need to install input or output filters,input or output harmonic is meeting with IEC61800-4:2002 completely.
◎No need to install power-factor compensation devices. The power factor is greater than 0.97 when rated load within normal regulation range.
◎Having no special requirement to the motor
◎The total efficiency of system is greater than 96%
◎Friendly user interface
◎Sweet control mode:use the touch-screen to realize on-site control. And use I/O interface of PLC to realize remote control,even could connect RS485 interface with DCS system to realize upper-computer control.
◎The pre-charge circuit of great-power frequency inverter could ensure system start up without shocking.It is suitable for any low-capacitor  grid and surrounding equipments.
◎Control power-source double-circuit supply power,to ensure system operate normally.
◎Perfect self-diagnosis function could monitor system state on-line,will do auto-protection and record the parameter when system happens to trouble
◎Multi kinds of protection functions at input and output ends,and also perfect self- diagnosis treatment ability at voltage,current and temperature of frequency inverter.
◎Power-units auto-by-pass function, could cut off the fault power-units on-Iine,ensure the balance of 3-phase output voltage and output current,reduce times of stopping and prevent the system from stopping working even power units in trouble.
◎Could also choose no-interference by-pass function,to realize auto change-over between conversion frequency and industrial frequency
As soon as the frequency inverter happens to trouble, the system will change over to industrial frequency power grid automatically and
operate normally.
System Structure
Perfect main-circuit structure
◎Input end is insulation transformer, and the second side coil of transformer input by phase-shifting, to hold up the harmonic at grid side.
◎Every output phase is made up of several power-units connected in series ,the number of power-units connected in series is according to output voltage, see the following table
Rated voltage of
frequency inverter
Numbers of units
for every phase
Rated voltage
of power-unit
Voltage of
output phase
Numbers of
electric-level for
every phase voltage
Output line
Numbers of
electric-level for
output line voltaged
T30 3 580 1740 7 3 13
T60 6 580 3480 13 6 25
T100 9 640 5760 19 10 37
◎Strong current, weak current, main-circuit, control-circuit are put separately in different cabinets. The whole system is made up oftransformer cabinet, power-unit cabinet, control cabinet, to reduce the interference and ensure the system stability and reliability.
◎Reasonable configuration for transformer and cooling fan,directly display for temperature.
◎Charge device could ensure starting without shocking.
◎Control cabinet
 Fiber-optical communication for main controller,complete electricity insulation
 Built-in PLC,meets all treatment requirement of digital or analog signal
◎Interchangeable power-units,simple usage and maintenance.
◎The cooling fan is installed on the top of equipment,is convenient for air discharge,
◎The unitofg reater capacitor could supply cooling way of air water-cooling sealing circle, and filter screen is no need to replace.
◎Power-unit by-pass function could make the system not stop and derate work when be in trouble
Operation Interface

◎Using 12 size LCD touch screen,and WL2000 as operation plate,direct display and
convenient operation
◎The left picture is main interface, could display Set Frequency,Output Frequency, Output Voltage,Output Current,Rotate Speed,Pressure,and Do Stop or Start Operation.
◎Enter the sub-interface by through main interface,to set Functions,Parameter,Copy and Adjustment,Operating Record and Fault Record Inquiry.Convenient for fault monitor and diagnosis.
◎Function set includes Control State (debugging/operating),Operating Way (open/ close loop),
◎Parameter Set,System By-pass,Interface Lock or not,Command Way,Analog Output, Analog Feedback,and so on,Parameter set mainly includes operating parameter of frequency inverter,such as,Voltage,Current,Frequency,Time,Poles of unit by-pass. And parameter of motor,such as,Rotate-speed,Power,Voltage,Current,over-load class also could do directly parameter keeping,copy and adjustment and ex-factory parameter.
◎The operating record and fault record is showed by left picture,detailed record,direct display and convenient operation.
System configuration
◎ We could do different input power-source according to users requirement.
◎At the front door of control cabinet,there are 2 push buttons and 2 transfer switches,there into,the push button of "industrial frequency
switching” could change over between manual industrial-frequency power-supply state and auto industrial-requency by-pass state,when
frequency inverter happens to trouble.
◎Push button of “system reset” is used to parameter set and system reset because of non-entity fault. If need to emergency stop could use “high-voltage switch off” push buttonto cutoffthe system and stopfreely.Bytransfer switch of “remote/on-site”,could both remote and
on-site control the frequency inverter,when being on-site control,all control of operating,up-down frequency,stop,reset and stop could be
displayed by the keyboard on the front door.And if being remote control,could control frequency inverter by through DCS system or other
remote controI station.
◎Control system adopts built-in integration man-machine interface,and built-in operation system.
◎Communicate with upper-computer or control system,uses insulation RS485 interface and MODBUS protocol.
◎Frequency command has man-machine interface manual command and terminals analog command.Under the state of analog command. VG,IG is separately voltage and current signal.
◎If choose manual by-pass,could use the terminals of “high voltage switch off” , “by·pass allowed” , “by-pass input” to change over.
These three terminals separately control K1,K2,K3(see above diagram).
Basic Parameter
Type Name of parameter Rated range Unit Increment Ex-factory value
Basic frequency 40.0~60.0 Hz 0.1Hz 50
Basic voltage 1500~10000 V 1V According to
Highest frequency 0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 50
Up-limit frequency 0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 51
Down-limit frequency
0~60 Hz 0.1Hz 0.1
Starting frequency 0~5 Hz 0.1Hz 0.5
Acceleration time 1~255 6s 1 6
Deceleration time 1~255 6s 1 60
Torque hoist 0~15 1 1 0
Limited current times 10~150 1 150
Unit by-pass poles 0~2   1 0
Frequency inverter address 0~31 1   2
Upper command option Have,no     No
Upper control option Have,no     No
Control state Open or close loop     Open loop
Operating way On-site or remote     On-site
Command way Digital,analog     Digital
Analog command option 0~5V/0~20mA V/mA   0~5
Analog output channel option 0~8   1 0
System by-pass option Have,no    
Motor parameter Motor rated power 50~2500 kW 1kW 500
Motor rated current 10~300 A 0.1A According to
Motor over-load times 50~150 1 120
Motor poles 2~10 Pole 1 4
Motor rated rotate speed 180~3600 Rpm 1 1480
State parameter Command frequency 0~51 Hz 0.1Hz  
Controlled parameter        
Operating speed   Rpm    
Operating frequency 0~51 Hz 0.1Hz  
Output current   A 0.1A  
Output voltage   V    
Output power   kW    
Continued operating time   h 0.1h  
Model explanation
WL-HV technical specifications and installation dimensions
  Term Specifications
Specifications WL-HV-T30 077 096 120 154 192 240 290                      
Output Capacity of frequency
inverter (KVA)
400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600                      
Power of matched
motor (KW)
315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250                      
Rated output
77 96 120 154 192 240 308                      
Cascade units
Nos per phase
Outline dimensions
3600×2100×1200 4400×2400×1300                      
Weight(kg) 3500~4200 4500~6000                      
Specifications WL-HV-T60 039 048 061 077 096 120 154 173 192 220 240 304 384 480 540 600    
Output Capacity of frequency
inverter (KVA)
400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 1800 2000 2250 2500 3150 4000 5000 5600 6250    
Power of matched
motor (KW)
315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1800 2000 2500 3150 4000 4500 5000    
Power of matched
motor (KW)
39 48 61 77 96 120 154 173 192 220 240 304 384 480 540 600    
Cascade units
Nos per phase
Outline dimensions
3350×2000×1100 3700×2000×1100 4200×2100×1200 6400×2400×1300 8600×2400×1500    
Weight(kg) 3500~4000 4400~4800 5000~5500 6000~7800 8000~9000      
Specifications WL-HV-T100 023 029 036 046 058 072 092 104 115 130 144 182 230 290 323 360 433 580
Output Capacity of frequency
inverter (KVA)
400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 1800 2000 2250 2500 3150 4000 5000 5600 6250 7500 10000
Power of matched
motor (KW)
315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1800 2000 2500 3150 4000 4500 5000 6000 8000
Power of matched
motor (KW)
23 29 36 46 58 72 92 104 115 130 144 182 230 290 323 360 433 580
Cascade units
Nos per phase
4300×2000×1100 4750×2000×1200 5600×2400×1200 8500×2400×1300 1150×2400×1500
Outline dimensions
4900~5000 5500~7000 7500~9500 10000~14000  
Weight(kg) 9
Input frequency 50/60Hz±3%
Input voltage T30: 3kV, T6kV, T100: 10kV(-20%~+15%)
Allowed power-fails 100ms
nput power factor
When rated load > 0.97
Efficiency When rated load > 96%(frequency inverter part > 98%)
Control way AC-DC-AC direct high-voltage way of Sine PWM cascade phase-shifting superposition
Output frequency 0~60Hz
Output frequency
Over-load ability 120% / minute, 150%/2S,160%moment protect (G type: 150% / minute, 180%/2S,200% moment protect)
Acceleration /
deceleration time
Analog rate input 0~5V,0~20mA, 4~20mA (2 interfaces)
Analog rate output 0~10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA voltage,current,frequency optional(3 circuits)
Analog feedback 0~5V, 4~20mA(2 interfaces)
Upper communication Insulation RS-485 interfaces
Switch rate input /
24 circuit/ 16 circuit
Protection functions

Over-current,over-load,short-circuit,3-phase current imbalance, momentary power-failure,
input/output phase-failure,over-voltage,lower-voltage,body over-heat,transformer over-heat,
outer fault stop, power unit auto by-pass

Environment Operating
Store temperature -40℃~+70℃
Cooling way Forced air cooling

Ambient humidity

Altitude <1000m
Protection class IP30