WL-9000 series vector integration energy-saving frequency inverter
Product Position
WL-9000 vector integration energy-saving frequency inverter is mainly used for energy- saving reform of Injection Molding Machine. By advanced function of vector controI technology,to solve the problem that V/F control mode worse effect to producing time of injection molding machine, and improve energy-saving rate. This type of frequency inverter is aIso used for Air-compressor energy-saving reform,center air condition energy- saving reform,and auto elevator energy-saving reform. and used for HydrauIic Machine, HydrauIic Press Punch,Fan or Water pump energy-saving reform.
Technology Characteristics
◎Two kinds of Control mode:Speed-less Vector control,V/F Control mode
◎Frequency set mode:Pressure and Flow,two circuits signal comparison input
◎Protection class is IP54,complete sealing design could be dust-proof,gas-proof, corrosion  protection,good ability to surrounding,long service Iife.
◎Units of 7.5KW~15KW have embedded braking units,to stop motor directly and quickly.
◎Having auto-reset and power-fail reset functions,ensure producing efficiency
◎Auto voltage regulation,even grid voltage changes,could keep output voltage constant.
◎Rotate speed tracking restart function,make the running motor start up smoothly.
◎Having tow circuits of Main-power supply and Energy-saving operating,ensure system no fault,and delay producing.
◎Small volume,simple installation,compact structure,both cabinet and wall-hung types
◎Could supply both voltage and current signal detection plates (the standard configuration
is Current signal detection plate,please note it if users need voltage signal detection plate).