WL-8000-Z series injection molding machine type frequency inverter
Z:Special use for Injection Molding Machine(heavy-load)
Main Characteristics
◎Special design only for Injection Molding Machine,no need to change original control way, oil circuit and circuit structure of equipment,very convenient installing and using;
◎Strong current-shock resistance,could bear high shocking current up to 2.5 times of rated current at a moment,and high over-load ability of normally operating for 10 seconds under the current of 1.8 times of rated current,to make sure no trip when strong current-shock and momentary heavy-load.
◎Good Soft starting function,rapid current control ability.The fastest acceleration time is about 0.2S.
◎Having functions of Fault-Auto-reset and Tracking-starting,make sure the quality and continuity of producing.
◎Various of signal input:control ways of 0-1A,0-5V,0-10V,4-20MA,0-20MA,could connect externally with Signal EXNET expansion plate,multi-channel input at the same time,and control the injection machine exactly.
◎Good energy-saving effect,the rate of energy-saving is up to 25%-65%;
◎ZS type of frequency inverter has two circuits of Energy-saving and Industrial-frequency,also has Signal Indication,could make sure produce normally even Energy-saving circuit happens to trouble.
Application Range:
◎All Dosing Pumps using Proportional Valve to control oin circuit system------like Injection Molding Machine,Die Casting Machine,Blow Molding Machine of Single or Multi-pump system,Injection Machine of Single or Double-motor.Energy-Saving rate is about 25%-65%.
◎All Dosing Pumps using Directional Valve to control oil circuit system----like Hydraulic press Machine,Big-size punch.
◎Also for the drive of Worm Air Compressor
Structure of Product
Wall-hung or Cabinet
Power Range