WL-9000 series sensor-less vector frequency inverter
Product Characteristics
◎ WL-9000 series Frequency Converter is a kind of power converter which adopts the Sensor-less vector technique and change the running speed of AC asynchronous motor by controlling the output voltage and frequency. It can exactly detect the three-phase output AC signal and the change of phase-angle just by current sensor,and correct the frequency automatically by the computing mode of sensor-less vector,so that ensure the motor fixed speed when the load changing.
◎ Compared with V/F Control frequency inverter, WL-9000 Series, not only supply greater torque when motor operating under low-speed, but also compensate auto matically motor rotate-speed change when heavy-load.
Product position
Bran-new hardware design : WL-9000 frequency inverter adopts ARM(32bit )+ DSP(16bit) Double-CPU control system, to be the bran-new hardware control platform
Current vector control : Advanced Magnetic-field oriented vector algorithm, to finish motor complete Decouple Control,achieve real current vector control,have advanced V/F mode,less-speed vector control mode and constant power control mode.
Whole field protection functions
Low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, prevent motorstall, over-load and over-heat protection.
Motor parameter Auto-tuning
Have Dynamic parameter auto-tuning and Static parameter auto-tuning function, could indentify automatically motor characteristics and auto set parameter, make sure the system’s stability and accuracy.
The application of WL-9000 Frequency inverter
◎ The real current vector control, make all kinds of mechanical equipments operate under high efficient and accuracy state. The sensor-less vector control technology,high torque when motor low-speed, high speed accuracy, complete functions, could detect automatically motor dynamic parameter and then do corresponding regulation,to make sure motor operate under high efficient state.
◎ Reduce early-stage cost, and also operating cost because of its energy-saving function,and has reduced the reverse effect to motor and power grid, improve the class of mechanical equipments.
Modern Communication Function
Built-in RS-485 / Modbus protocol standard communication interface, could make one or more pieces of frequency inverters controlled by a computer, up to 99 sets of frequency inverters .(if over 31 sets ,should use the Relay Amplifier )
Internet management computer            WL-9000 series vector frequency inverter
could connect with maximal 99 sets of freauency inverter
Three kinds of Control Mode
Standard V/F Mode: frequency inverter output PWM wave to motor, and detect AC output current, compensate distortion caused by dead-time effect, reduce torque shaking of motor.
Advantages: improve low-frequency operation characteristics and process,raise efficiency.
Sensor-less vector mode: frequency inverter operate sensor-less vector controlsystem, supply extra torque compensation voltage, not only increase torque when motor low-speed operating, but also compensate slip caused by load raising.
Advantages: realize parameter auto-tuning, low-frequency greater torque, rotate-speed high accuracy, advanced programmable control terminals, preset function is suit for all kinds of mechanical equipments
Output power (torque) control mode: frequency inverter will reduce output frequency automatically when output power is over set up-limit..
Advantages: this function could replace of old tension sensor, magnetic powder clutch and mechanical clutch, and so on.
Special Control Functions for Mechanical Factories
◎ Have Timer/counter, Flip-flop, Auto-operation controller, no need complex program and will realize integration control system.
◎ 6 pieces of multi-function programmable digital input terminals, 3 pieces of multi-function programmable digital output terminals, 3 pieces of multi-function programmable analog input terminals, make up to hundreds of optional functions, reduce difficult of automation design.
◎ Have spinning wobbling frequency function, multi-step speed option, auto operation and proportional consecutive moving function, suit for spinning and printing dyeing equipments.
◎ Special torque limited function, embedded PID, multi-analogue signal input, proportional consecutive control function, widely used on wire-drawing and rolling equipments.
◎ When zero-speed, could output 150% torque, have zero-speed braking-stop function,widely used on elevator and hoist.
High output power
◎ WL-9000 output frequency is 0.00-650Hz, more than conventional frequency inverter
◎ Motor power: 0.75KW-500KW, suit for 220/380V voltage.
Embedded PID Functions
◎ Fan, pump, air-compressor, boiler, center air compressor, all have characteristics of decrement torque, by through PID regulation could be Close-loop circuit control. WL-9000 adopts the newest fuzzy control technology, and to be the best PID Regulation function.
◎ Could use digital signal terminal to choose PID function automatically during operating
◎ Could use Analog AM output signal to monitor PID output values.
◎ Suit for kinds of sensors, PID feedback signal may be voltage(0-5V / 0-10V) or current(4-20mA)
Rich energy-saving function
During energy-sawng control operating, by through maximal efficiency control,sensor-less vector control and constant-power control, V/F control, WL-9000 frequency inverter could operate efficiently. Not only fan or water pump, but also normal equipments could have good energy-saving effect.
Safe and exact protection functions
Fast and high accuracy current limited function, could control over-current trip, improve momentary-stop restart operating, stall prevent function, fault reset re-try operating.
By through PTC thermo-sensitive elements inside motor, could achieve motor over-heat protection.
Special variable carrieer frequency(2~16KHz)
WL-9000 Frequency inverter could achieve carrier-frequency auto-transfer during operating.
When operating frequency is greater than carrier frequency turning point, carrier frequency value is maximal carrier frequency set value, otherwise, carrier frequency will auto change within maximum and minimum value of carrier frequency according to operating frequency.
WL-9000 Has Advanced Drive Function
WL-9000 Sensor-less vector control mode----Green
◎ Parameter auto indentify and slip auto compensate function
◎ Output torque (power) control mode
◎ Stable dynamic characteristics, fast feedback
◎ Low-speed greater torque (to be 150% of rated torque when 15-300rpm)
◎ High accuracy rotate speed (0.5% of highest speed)

Normal V/F control----Red
Space voltage vector control----Gray

◎ Not enough torque when low-frequency, and motor would shock terribly when lowspeed operating, great speed wave.
◎ Open-loop circuit control, not good dynamic feedback, could not adjust torque during whole speed range, and worse torque feedback when speed near to 0 rpm.
◎ Worse speed regulation function.
Application field
◎ Accurate positioning control system, zero-servo control
◎ Paper-making producing line, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber producing line.
◎ Bag making machine, hoist, cold-rolling mill, low-frequency table roller, centrifuge
◎ Printing machine, elevator
◎ Machining machine, precise machine tool.
◎ Wire or cable making machine
Connection diagram of WL-9000 series frequency inverter
Having main-circuit and control circuit

Main circuit terminals
Terminals Name Explanation
R/L1 Frequency inverter
input end
Connected with Power-source.
For 1-phase input,
just connect to R/L1,T/L3
E/ Earthed end Earthed
P(+),PB Coupling end to
Braking resistor
Only for the type that
contains B in end code
U/T1 Output end Connected with 3-phase Motor
P(+),N(-) DC Bus-bar output end Except the units above
30KW of G Type
PO,P(+) Coupling end of
DC Reactor
Connect when no
DC Reactor
Remark:Different types of frequency inverter have different sequence and quantity of main-circuit terminals,some of these terminals may not exist.
Contorol circuit terminals
Type Terminal code Terminal functions Remark
voltage input
A|1 Analog input interface 1,
choose 0-5V or 10V input by through Jp2
P001 parameter could
accept 50 kinds of voltage or
current signal input ways
A|2 Analog input interface2,
choose 0-5V or 4-20mA input by through Jp3
A|3 Analog input interface3, choose the third analog
input interface or keyboard potentiometer analog
input effect by through jumping wire at side of Jp3
10V Supply 10V, 10MA power source to outside  
GND Input signal public end  
Analog output AO1 Analog output terminal 0-10V A001 have 19 kinds of inter operating
parameter output
current input


0-1A pressure current signal+
0-1A pressure current signal-
Analog input interface 1,choose pressure or V1input by through Jp4.
0-1A flow current signal+
0-1A flow current signal-
Analog input interface 2,choose flow or
V2 input by through Jp5.
control terminal
X1 Multi-function digital input By A02~A07 parameters,
could choose 0~99 kinds of
intelligence multi-function input ways
X2 Multi-function digital input
X3 Multi-function digital input
X4 Multi-function digital input
(X5)RUN Multi-function digital input
(X6)REV Multi-function digital input
RST RST is used to reset frequency inverter  
Digital output DO1 Multi-function collector output 1 By A08~A09 parameters,
could choose 0~93 kinds of multi-function onput ways
DCOM Public end of digital place X1-X6,
TA1 TA1-TC1 are relay 1 NO output
TA1-TB1 are relay 1 NC output
By A08~A09 parameters,
could choose 0~93 kinds of
multi-function onput ways
TA2 TA2-TC2 are relay 2 NO output
TA2-TB2 are relay 2 NC output
SG+ RS485/MODBUS standard communication
Could directly connect to upper computer, use standard MODBUS.
source output
24V 24/50MA  
Rated output current of WL-9000 frenquency inverter
575V 660V
Power(KW) Current(A) Current(A) Current(A) Current(A) Current(A) Current(A)
0.4 2.5 2.5 - - - -
0.75 4 4 2.5 2.5 - -
1.5 7 7 3.7 3.7 - -
2.2 10 10 5 5 - -
3.7 16 16 8.5 8 - -
5.5 20 20 13 11 - -
7.5 30 30 16 15 - -
11 42 42 25 22 17 15
15 55 55 32 27 22 18
18.5   70 38 34 26 22
22   80 45 40 33 28
30   110 60 55 41 35
37   130 75 65 52 45
45   160 90 80 62 52
55   220 110 100 76 63
75   260 150 130 104 86
93   320 170 147 117 98
110   380 210 180 145 121
132   420 250 216 173 150
160   550 300 259 207 175
187   600 340 300 230 198
200   660 380 328 263 218
220   720 415 358 287 240
250   - 470 400 325 270
280   - 520 449 360 330
315   - 600 516 415 345
375   - 680 600 450 390
400   - 750 650 520 430
500   - 920 800 650 540