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Inverter Repair Center
Intelligent Electric Co., wan Long inverter manufacturers have worked with a number of experienced electrical maintenance engineers, who had thousands of repairs in the Taiwan high-power 45-630KW fault machines, and a group of institutions, senior technician in Shenzhen more than technicians, technical strength strong, with a wealth of maintenance experience, with advanced monitoring equipment, as well as inverter and converter test equipment with a set。Spare parts supply channel, the price is reasonable, with various frequency enterprises have a good working relationship, with a large number of their own-designed motherboard, control panels, power panels, modules, IGBT, etc., when the key changes to its system, remove the inverter can not repair the damage caused by scrapping with various frequency enterprises have a good working relationship, there are 100 kinds of brand information manual, can provide customers with fast, high-quality repair and maintenance frequency band devices。
Business Service Center Maintenance
1.Professional maintenance of foreign brands: Fuji Inverter, Yaskawa Inverter, LG inverter, love Deli inverter, Delta inverter, 3 Ken converter, Mitsubishi Inverter, Hitachi inverter, Siemens Inverter, ABB inverter, Denver Si inverter and all kinds of soft-starter。
2.Professional maintenance of domestic brands: Pu Chuan series inverter, Ambition Inverter, cornwall converter, England Witten converter, Alpha converter, Haili inverter, Japanese industry, inverter, inverter Sen Lan, Jia-Ling frequency device, easy to inverter, the Quartet converter, relying on inverter, sine inverter, inverter Galaxia, Hong Kong Lan Converter。
3.Professional maintenance of energy-saving products: Injection molding machine dedicated Saver, saving central air conditioning, fans pumps and other types Saver Saver。
4.Professional engineers on-site service Maintenance: Many companies have done a preliminary energy-saving projects, especially in injection molding machine works, done, due to the technical personnel of enterprises is not enough understanding of the energy-efficient products, but also with energy-efficient companies have also a lack of effective training for its technical strength , so that a large number of energy-saving equipment in the frequency of running, non-existent, not only failed to recover the investment,Enterprise energy waste has still not been effectively solve the problem, energy-saving fails, the Department has also been done specifically for energy-saving transformation, providing energy-saving construction and maintenance, energy-saving device maintenance, energy-saving devices such as application of technical training for personnel in business, make your power-saving energy-saving equipment running at its best, allow enterprises to take energy-saving 1 / 10 of the money, easy to achieve energy-saving effect of。
5.Brand inverter manufacturers to provide agents and special repair operations. Foreign customers by post or logistics companies around the machine to us by mail。
Maintenance support
The following are different specifications of control board, drive board, IGBT board, for the maintenance of a favorable technical assurance。
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