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The company’s energy-saving engineering is from Shenzhen, a group of senior technicians, technicians institutions and multi-applications in the inverter business engaged in the work of engineers, professional promotion of the following energy-saving project:
·Injection Machine Energy Saver: 7.5KW-110KW, energy-saving rate of25-65%;
·Central air-conditioning energy-saving system: 7.5KW-315KW, energy-saving rate of25-60%;
·Smart Saver Lighting: 10A-400A, energy-saving rate of15-40%;
·Industrial air compressor :3.7-315KWA, energy-saving rate of15-45%;
·Industrial Boiler fan pump energy-saving systems, 3.7-400KWA, energy-saving rate of25-75%;
·Power plant monitoring, management, industrial equipment, production line programming;
The company’s technical staff responsible for the design transformed enterprises. Widespread throughout the country, with tens of millions of energy-saving engineered performance, with extensive experience in business transformation of energy-saving projects. Li Xin Electrical Engineering not only provide users with advanced, sophisticated energy-saving technologies and products, while also providing energy-saving equipment, complete supply, engineering, construction, technical training and consulting "one-stop services." Customers are our God, we will be happy to help you!
We sincerely welcome friends from various circles to discuss cooperation. Welcome letter calls seeking vertical。
Also: Many companies have done a preliminary energy-saving projects, especially in injection molding machine works, done, due to the technical personnel of enterprises is not enough understanding of the energy-efficient products, but also with energy-efficient companies have also a lack of effective training for its technical strength, so that a large number of energy-saving equipment in the frequency of running, non-existent, not only failed to recover the investment, enterprise energy waste has still not been effectively solve the problem, energy-saving failure,
The department also has been done specifically for energy-saving transformation, providing energy-saving construction and maintenance, energy-saving device maintenance, energy-saving devices such as application of technical training for personnel in business, make your energy-saving energy-saving equipment running at its best, allow enterprises to take energy-saving 1 / 10 money, easy to achieve energy-saving effect of。
>>Transformation of energy-saving project implementation flow chart:
>>Transformation of services to protect the energy-saving projects:
1.Customer profiles according to ISO-9001 specification, I am strictly to build customer profiles and maintenance of the log file to ensure customers receive the best and most timely service;
2.Free of charge warranty according to the company, where the company products, free of charge warranty period of 18 months;
3. For life to maintain my company who provide the product or installation of works were responsible for in the end, life-long maintenance of;
4.Timely maintenance, where a larger project on the phone troubleshooting guide can not be the case, according (traffic could reach a) the shortest time taken to reach the scene to protect the customer’s use of;
>>A variety of training methods:
1.Party on-site training and technical personnel are generally invited to participate in installation and commissioning, and line of products in order to have detailed understanding of the system for equipment maintenance and maintenance technical support to provide an enabling。
2.Observation and training in the formal signing of the final acceptance before the report, for larger systems, generally stay in an experienced technical staff to participate in the system to track test run 7-21 days, in order to help rule out the early failure failures from which to conduct training
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