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A typical customer use of the recommendations and treatment methods
1. Environment: cotton silk with cotton wadding number of occasions (and textile occasions)
Question: cotton and other duct obstruction, blocking the fan turn lead to overheating and even deep-fried machine inverter
Recommendation: Inverter load protective cabinets, regular cleaning of protective ventilation channels and inverter cabinet cooling channels, to ensure that a reasonable thermal converter

2. Environment: dust and more occasions (cement plants, flour mills, etc.)
Question: dust (some containing conductive material) influence the device attached to the surface of electronic devices cooling, inverter some dysfunction, short-circuit fried machine etc.
Recommendation: Inverter load protective cabinet, plus dust cover, regular cleaning of the ventilation channel, the internal dust cleaning transducer

3.Environment: humidity, oil or into the liquid (some corrosive) the possibility of occasions
Question: wet gas, oil or liquid into the machine marked signs of rust metal parts of the use of short-term or longer when the deep-fried machine
Recommendation: Inverter load protective cabinet, away from the oil Department, placing special drying room for the use of inverter control cabinet dedicated heating dehumidification, increase water distribution baffles, such as regular cleaning transducer.

4. Problem: user does not have access tight inverter RSTUVW terminal lead wire contact resistance at large terminal for some time using the terminal overheating damage or deep-fried machine. Recommendation: Customers wiring connection must be confirmed that they would tighten the screws, such as the screw thread must be designated skid replacement.
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